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Interdepartmental anti-crisis suicide supporting in the system
of social service in Tomsk Region

Kornetov N.A. (Tomsk)



Kornetov N.A.

Kornetov Nikolay Alexeevich

–  is a doctor of medicine, professor, chief of psychiatry, narcology and psychotherapy department in Sibir State medical university.

E-mail: korn@mail.tomsknet.ru


Abstract. The development of suicidology services in the USSR was not possible because of the inaccessibility for the civil society of knowledge to the statistics of psychiatric disorders, suicide, and closure of psychiatric hospitals. The only suicidology service was organized in Moscow by the A.G. Ambrumova's organizing talent and support of leading criminologists' 70-ies of the last century. For a better understanding in the development of such services in the regions analyzed death rates from suicide since they are registered in the agricultural Imperial Russia, in Soviet times, and the data on suicide in the new Russia to their highest indicators. Against the background describing the population stress was presented a three-level system of the organization's anti-crisis suicidology service to the location of emergency psychological assistance (telephone, a special reception) for persons in crisis situations that are themselves seeking help. In this regard, nine psychological and deviant groups of symptoms were highlighted that have been identified as signs of prolonged crisis. An originality interagency structure suicidology anti-crisis service in the social protection system is as follows. This allowed her to project the basic organizational forms in different district of the Tomsk region and create a basis for "rural suicidology". Such a paradigm shift in creating suicidology service in the system of social institutions to the population assistance based on strengthening humanistic traditions, and in the future, creating multi-professional teams. These provisions are justified by the historical roots of the organization of social assistance and altruistic, as the personal foundation of professionalism in social work at the staff working with the case.

Key words: population stress, crisis of identity in the various sectors of society, signs of prolonged crisis, the dynamics of indicators of suicide, extreme rates of suicide in the new Russia, suicidology crisis management service, rural suicidology, suicidology service organization in the system of social protection, social outreach, altruistic.




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