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Theory and practice of anxiety investigation

Solovyeva S.L. (St. Petersburg)



Solovyeva S.L.

Solovyeva Svetlana Leonidovna

–  is a doctor of psychology, professor, chief of psychology and pedagogic department in North-West State Medical University of I.M. Metchnikov.

E-mail: s-solovieva@ya.ru


Abstract. The article dedicated to analysis of anxiety and opportunities of psychological influence on it. The anxiety considered in connection with emotional, cognitive, motivational and behavior phenomenon. The positive, adaptative anxiety function and its disorganized and deadaptative function were analyzed. The psychasthenical or anxious-hypochondrical type was described, which characterized by anxiety domination. The peculiarities of psychological influence on the person were described.

Key words: anxiety, psychasthenical type, fear, phobia, the psychological correction of anxiety.




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