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A.G. Ambrumova

ISSN 2219-8245

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The history of medical psychology


Lyubov E.B., Tsuprun V.E. (Moscow)

Professor Ambrumova's era: her contribution to Russian suicidology


Actual problems of medical psychology


Agazade N.
(Azerbaijan, Baku)

Psychological first aid in preclinical practice


Borisov I.V., Lyubov E.B. (Moscow)

Diagnostic and existential therapy of suicide behavior


Kornetov N.A. (Tomsk)

Interdepartmental anti-crisis suicide supporting in the system of social service in Tomsk Region


Raspopova N.I.
(Almaty, Kazakhstan)

Suicide spreading in Kazakhstan: tendencies and dynamics


Psychiatry and narcology

Bisaliev R.V., Fursi L.F. (Astrakhan)

Alcoholic patients with suicidal behavior alcohol craving features


Bannikov G.S., Koshkin K.A. (Moscow)

Teenager's crisis status: markers, individual peculiars, strategy of psychotherapeutic support


Merinov A.V., Somkina O.Y. (Ryazan)

Divorce influence on alcohol abusing men suicide and individual peculiars


Psychotherapy and social rehabilitation


Polozhy B.S., Panchenko E.A. (Moscow)

People with suicide attempt recurrent suicidal tendencies prevention


Kholmogorova A.B. (Moscow)

Cognitive psychotherapy of suicidal behavior: the history of development, contemporary conditions, perspectives


Sokolov E.Y., Parshin A.N. (Moscow)

Mental disorders caused by battle stress: prevention


Chistopolskaya K.A., Enikolopov S.N. (Moscow)

The attitude to death: it is a problem after suicide attempt


Kharitonov S.V., Tsuprun V.E., Parshin A.N. (Moscow)

Program to attract family suicides with personality disorders in the process of crisis therapy


Medical psychology in somatic clinic


Zotov P.B. (Р В РЎС›yumen)

Types of internal picture of the disease, and suicidal activity of cancer patients


Kupriyanova I.I., Karaush I.S., Dashieva B.A. (Tomsk)

Children and adolescents with disabilities: suicidal behavior characteristics


Applied investigations in medical psychology


Popova N.M., Schastnyy E.D., Gorbatsevich J.N. (Tomsk)

Suicidal behavior and its clinical peculiars in adolescence


Social medical psychology


Lyubov E.B., Morev M.V. (Moscow),
Falaleeva O.I. (Vologda)

Social and economic burden associated with suicide mortality in Russia


Vorsina O.P. (Irkutsk)

Population of Ust-Ordynsky Buryat Region: suicidal behavior and its clinical, socio-demographic and ethno-cultural peculiars


Cheperin A.I., Stepanova O.N., Belebekha E.A., Murina I.N., Chiryakov V.E. (Omsk)

New approaches to crisis support organization: the experience of Omsk suicide support center




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