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Journal “Medical psychology in Russia” publishes articles on themes of clinical (medical) psychology (theory and practice), psychiatry and neighboring districts. There are publishes the articles, which based on original scientific investigations, literature reviews, description of clinical (medical) psychology problems solution in social practice.

All articles are reviews. Materials, which published, didn’t return to authors. All responsibility of materials reliability is on authors.

The articles taking from authors:

–   By e-mail: red@mprj.ru with remark “article” (with realizing of editor-staff recommendations)

–   Printed variant of article with author’s signature (is necessary!)

–   The original review on article with signature of reviewer and with signature of staff-department (the reviewer must have scientific degree).

The post-address for correspondence: 150000, Yaroslavl, Revolutzionnaya str., 5, Editorial-staff of the journal “Medical psychology in Russia”.

If the article contains the description of experiments on the human, authors must notes its conformity to ethic standards of Committee of experiments on human, requests of Helsinki Declaration 1975 and its reconsider variant 1996, requests of State Inter-parliament Assembly decision (Commonwealth of Independent States 18 November, 2005 в„– 26—10) — the Law about “Defense of rights and human merit in bio-medical investigation”. Do not use families, initials of patients, numbers of medical documents, particularly on photos and pictures. When investigations with animals described, it is necessary to note the conditions of animal’s keeping, National Investigation Committee recommendations, and accordance of investigations to National laws.

After all necessary documents receiving, the article will be publishing within the next number of the journal “Medical psychology in Russia” in thematic part. The editorial-staff must send to authors a letter with publication confirmation and with its Internet address.

The rules of manuscript execution, which send in journal “Medical psychology in Russia”:

1.   The value of original articles must be less 7 pages — 11 000 symbols with interspaces; thematic literature review — less 12 pages. For thematic literature reviews, authors must use not less 30 source-books on Russian and English (60% of them published during last 5 years).

2.   Original article write next way: introduction, material and methods, results, conclusion, literature list (all literature sources must be use in article).

3.   Article texts write in Microsoft Word, upper and lower margins — 2 sm, left — 3 sm, right — 1,5 sm; print Times New Roman, size 12, interval between lines 1,0. It is necessary to send article text in editorial-staff as a separate file with initials of first author (for example, Ivanov I.I.text.doc).

4.   It is forbidden to use a hyphen when text formatted. If in MS Word hyphen is setting, it is necessary to switch it off.

5.   The text of article formatted on the “center” of the page. The title of the article (not more then 10 words) writes by capital letters on Russian and English. Author’s initials write by capital cursive letters on Russian and English. The order of authors determine by their decision.

6.   Each author must write his — family, name and surname, scientific degree and academic rank — on Russian and English. We ask all authors to send as color photos.

7.   Titles of towns, workplace and post write on Russian and English. Contacts: workplace address, index, phone and e-mail write under the title of publication.

8.   The article must contain the abstract (value not more then 250 and less 100 words) on Russian and English. The abstract must contain aims of investigation, diagnostic procedures, main results and conclusion.

9.   “Key words” — on Russian and English (5—7 words), which help to right cross-indexing of article. They will be publishing with abstract. It is necessary to send abstract with article text as separate file to the editorial-staff. It is necessary to write initials of first author (for example, Ivanov I.I.resume.doc).

10.   Illustrations (photos, pictures, drafts, diagrams). Photos must be contrast, pictures — clear.

11.   Tables draw in text in MS Word. They draw visually, not double text, and have a title. Titles must coordinate to context of the column. Tables numerates in succession, in accordance with the text (for example, tab. 1).

12.   The pictures put in to the text (in document MS Word) and send as a separate file in format jpg or gif. Drafts, photos and other graphic objects – are pictures. Pictures numerates in succession, in accordance with the text (for example, pic. 1). Titles are in the text, under the pictures. Multimedia illustrations, video-materials may be used.

13.   The titles in article text write without quotation-marks, in fate-face font.

14.   Literature list is under the article. The reference on literature list is necessary.

15.   Authors must carefully check the text of article; pages numerated; tables and pictures titled and numerated; references must be in the text.

16.   Referenced literature must be write in accordance with State Standard and ABC (firstly — native literature, after — foreign authors). References on ordinal number in the text are [in square brackets]. The list includes: books — author’s family and initials, whole title of the book, place and year of the issue; journals — author’s family and initials, whole title of the article, journal title, year, number and page number. Literature list doesn’t include references on dissertations (it may be reference on dissertation abstract). Authors have a personal responsibility for the correctness of data in literature list.

17.   Standard abbreviation use only. Article title and abstract are not abbreviated. The whole term is preceding to first abbreviation in the text.

18.   Articles, which were issued in another journals, doesn’t taking.

19.   Articles, that doesn’t according to editorial-staff demands, doesn’t taking.

20.   All articles that sent for publication are reviews.

21.   Reviewers’ works with article as with confidential material. They observe author’s right on non-disclosure of information before article publishing.

22.   Reviewer’s remarks send to author without reviewer’s initials. The editorial-staff make a decision about article publishing (or decline) after reviewer’s opinion and author’s response.

23.   The editorial-staff have a right to abbreviate and correct articles.



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