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The culture and depression: definition, diagnostic difficulties and recommendations

Leong F., Kalibatseva Z. (USA), Molchanova E. (Kyrgyzstan)



Leon F.

Leong Frederic

–  is a professor, doctor of psychology (clinical and organization psychology), chief of Consortium of Transcultural psychological investigations, State University of Michigan, USA.

E-mail: fleong@msu.edu

Kalibatzeva Z.

Kalibatseva Zornitsa

–  is a post graduate student of Consortium of Transcultural psychological investigations, Lancig, USA.

E-mail: zorito7@gmail.com

Molchanova E.

Molchanova Elena Sergeevna

–  is a candidate of medical sciences, associate Professor, Department of psychiatry, medical psychology and psychotherapy in Kyrgyz-Russian (Slavonic) University.

E-mail: emolchanova2009@gmail.com


Abstract. It is a review article, which interpret cultural differences in depression experience and presentation in different ethnic groups. The problem of psychiatry gomogenization is accentuating, the factors of hypo- and hyperdiagnostic of depression are adducing. Authors recommended the many-sided approach to depression understanding and diagnostic. It may be used to other mental disorders the symptoms of which are connected with cultural context.

Key words: culture, depression, cultural psychopathology, psychiatry gomogenization, many-sided approach.




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