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Psychodiagnostic at art-therapy

Kopytin A.I. (St. Petersburg)



Kopytin A.I.

Kopytin Alexander Ivanovich

–  is a doctor of medicine, lecturer of psychology department in St. Petersburg Academy of post-graduate pedagogic education, lecturer of psychotherapy department in North-West State Medical University of I.M. Metchnikov.

E-mail: alkopytin@rambler.ru


Abstract. The article systemized facts about psychodiagnostic potential of art-therapy within the limits of many-sided approach. Different approaches to psychodiagnostics on the base of fine art are considered. These approaches connected with clinical psychiatry, psychoanalysis, practical use of projective tests and with educational results of psychopathological expression by artists and art critics. It was suggested the original classification of art-therapy psychodiagnostics methods and variants of its use. The tasks of art-therapy psychodiagnostics were enumerated. It was inserted the conception of "art-therapeutic" psychodiagnostics. Was described the algorithm of integrative multilevel art-therapeutical psychodiagnostics which connect with art-therapy system model.

Key words: psychodiagnostics, appraisement, art-therapy, models, medical-rehabilitation, personality.




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