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The social perception disturbance in patients with paranoid schizophrenia: predisposition factors and outcome

Rudenko S.L. (Belgorod)



Rudenko S.L.

Rudenko Svetlana Lvovna

–  is a postgraduate student in St. Petersburg State University, clinical psychologist in Sociomedical Bureau в„–5 in Belgorod Region.

E-mail: RudenkoSL.R1@mail.ru


Abstract. The article included results of investigation which refer on native and abroad scientists and methods of mathematic statistic. It was considered how social perception paranoid schizophrenia patients distressed and how it stipulates on patients' social functioning and life quality. It is necessary to include the results of investigation in rehabilitation programs for overcoming the deficit and social perception development.

Key words: social perception, paranoid schizophrenia, positive and negative syndromes, social functioning, life quality.




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