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Psychotherapy by creative self-expression (M.E. Burno) and characterologic creation principles in medicine, consultancy and education

Gorelov K.E. (Moscow)



Gorelov K.E.

Gorelov Kirill Evgenyevich

–  is a psychiatrist, psychotherapist of Psychoneurologic dispensary № 20 in Moscow, teacher of psychological faculty in Moscow psychology-pedagogic University.

E-mail: kirillgorelov@ya.ru       Web-site: www.kirillgorelov.ru


Abstract. The author considers about opportunities of difficult psychotherapeutic methods adaptation, what permits to expand the diapason of their using in practical work (medical, consultive and education). It is based on practical psychiatric and psychotherapeutic work in Clinical Hospital № 84, Psychoneurologic dispensary № 20 in Moscow and educational work in Moscow psychology-pedagogic University with self-expression method and characterologic creation method.

Key words: psychology, consultive work, psychotherapy, education, character, therapy by self-expression creation method.




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