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Influence of patients with cerebral-vascular disorders personal peculiars
on rehabilitation process

Zotkina M.N. (Moscow), Zhadnov V.A., Iakovleva N.V. (Ryazan)



Zotkina M.N.

Zotkina Marina Nikolaevna

–  is a neurologist, chief of Medical-Social expertise Federal Bureau in Moscow.

E-mail: marina-n-z@yandex.ru

Zhadnov V.A.

Zhadnov Vladimir Alexeevich

–  is a doctor of medicine, lecturer, and chief of neurology, neurosurgery and medical genetics department in State Medical University of I.P. Pavlov.

E-mail: vladimir.zhadnov@mail.ru

Iakovleva N.V.

Iakovleva Natalia Valentinovna

–  is a candidate of psychological sciences, lecturer and chief of psychology department in State Medical University of I.P. Pavlov.

E-mail: yakovleva.nata@mail.ru


Abstract. It is necessary to estimate neurological and psychological status in patients with cerebral-vascular disorders. Personal psychological characteristics of patients were researched. The influence of these peculiars on motivation level and on treatment-rehabilitation was revealed.

Key words: cerebral-vascular disorders, personal peculiars, health-care behavior, life intelligence, rehabilitation.




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