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Pavel Ivanovich Karpov is a tireless researcher of works relating
to mentally disturbed persons and his time…
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Gavrilov V.V. (Yaroslavl)



Gavrilov V.V.

Gavrilov Vladimir Vyacheslavovich

Assistant in the department of psychiatry and medical psychology including institutional postgraduate education courses at the Yaroslavl State Medical Academy, he is also responsible for the collection "Inye", is vice-president of SIPE and vice-president of the fund "InART" (St. Petersburg).

E-mail: inyeart@rambler.ru


Abstract. Pavel Ivanovich Karpov (1873—1930) was a psychiatrist, full member of the Russian Art School, author of the monograph "Work of insane persons and their influence on the development of science, art and engineering" (1926). Karpov's investigations overstepped the limits of narrow professional frameworks and rather suddenly got into the vanguard of Soviet art history. Karpov's scientific research correlated with advanced investigations of European scientists. There is very little information about his life, therefore definite and hypothetic facts of his relationship with famous members of scientific and art world of tsarist Russia are submitted in this article.

Key words: psychiatry, P.I. Karpov, works of insane persons, psychopathological works, artist Mikhail Vrubel, artist Wassily Kandinky.




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