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I. P. Pavlov

ISSN 2219-8245

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The history of medical psychology


Zagrina N.A. (Ryazan)

I. P. Pavlov contribution in psychological science


Actual problems of medical psychology


Bokhan T.G., Terekhina O.V., Tsoy V.G. (Tomsk)

System determinants of psychological safety of people, who live in unfavorable technological and ecological conditions


Solovyeva S.L. (St. Petersburg)

Theory and practice of anxiety investigation


Burno A.M. (Moscow)

"Shallow effort" as a phenomenon of healthy and sick state of mind


Solondaev V.K. Olendar N.N. (Yaroslavl)

Perinatal psychology in practical medical care: system analysis


Psychiatry and narcology


Bocharov V.V., Shishkova A.M., Karlovskaya I.F. (St. Petersburg)

Heroin addiction patient's relatives with personal and family dysfunction


Pushina V.V. (N. Novgorod)

Female teenager's alcohol abusing family risk factors


Leong F.,
Kalibatseva Z. (USA), Molchanova E. (Kyrgyzstan)

The culture and depression: definition, diagnostic difficulties and recommendations


Medical psychodiagnostics


Kopytin A.I. (St. Petersburg)

Psychodiagnostic at art-therapy


Pathopsychology and neuropsychology


Sagalakova O.A., Truevtsev D.V. (Barnaul)

Social anxiety disorder: pathopsychological model and diagnostic


Rudenko S.L. (Belgorod)

The social perception disturbance in patients with paranoid schizophrenia: predisposition factors and outcome


Psychotherapy and social rehabilitation

Gorelov K.E. (Moscow)

Psychotherapy by creative self-expression (M.E. Burno) and characterologic creation principles in medicine, consultancy and education


Medical psychology in somatic clinic


Isaeva E.R., Gureeva I.L., Davydenko V.V., Urusova V.A. (St. Petersburg)

Patient's psychological status before cardiac valve prosthetics surgery


Volkova O.V. (Krasnoyarsk)

Unhealthy children: social and cultural aspects of personal development


Applied investigations in medical psychology


Korekhova M.V., Novikova I.A., Solovyev A.G. (Arkhangelsk)

The servicemen physical deadaptation peculiars


Zotkina M.N. (Moscow), Zhadnov V.A., Iakovleva N.V. (Ryazan)

Influence of patients with cerebral-vascular disorders personal peculiars on rehabilitation process


Malkova E.E., Naumova A.A. (St. Petersburg)

Adolescence — as a clinical and psychological phenomenon in science and culture


Information part of the issue includes:

Ledovskaya T.V. (Yaroslavl). The review on the book of Vilshanskaya A.D., Prilutskaya M.I., Protchenko E.M. "Psychological-medical-pedagogic consilium at school. Specialist co-operation in child problems solution"

Pugovkina O.D., Kholmogorova A.B. (Moscow). "Cognitive-behavior psychotherapy: yesterday, today and tomorrow"

Loginova I.O. (Krasnoyarsk) Scientific report about Russian scientific practical conference "Human psychological health: life resource and life potential"

Gorodnova M.U. (St. Petersburg). Lection for doctors: "Actual questions of psychotherapists and psychologists supervisor theory and practice (in gestalt-therapy paradigm)"

Author's abstract … DPh, Zotov M.V. (St. Petersburg). "Cognitive activity regulation mechanisms in stress (in normal and pathological conditions)"

Author's abstracts:

* … candidate of medical sciences Kalmykova I.U. (Moscow). "Life quality increasing of self-defectiveness schizophrenia patients with psychotherapy"

* … candidate of psychological sciences Lebedeva A.A. (Moscow). "The subjective wellness of people with limited health opportunities"

* … candidate of medical sciences Lozovaya T.V. (Ekaterinburg). "Family risk factors of alcohol addiction and its initial adolescence prophylaxis"

* … candidate of medical sciences Lozovoy V.V. (Ekaterinburg). "Schoolchildren nicotine and alcohol addiction and its medical, psychological and social factors"

* … candidate of medical sciences Potemkina E.A. (Ekaterinburg). "Medical and psychological characteristics and non-psychotic symptoms of mental disorders in chronic gynecological diseases"




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