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Anthropos — "person turned to high into the air"
(integral-value paradigm in the context of anthropological psychology)

Zalevsky G.V. (Tomsk)



Zalevsky G.V.

Zalevsky Genrikh Vladislavovich

Doctor of psychology, professor, head of the department of genetic and clinical psychology at the faculty of psychology of the Tomsk State University; Honorary lecturer of the University education of the Russian Federation, Honored Science worker of the Russian Federation; accordingly member Russian Academy of Sciences; full member of Academy of Sociological and Pedagogical Sciences.

E-mail: den@psy.tsu.ru


Abstract. The article considered the whole value approach to integrative anthropology psychology. This approach is developed by the author. This approach, by the author's opinion, realize bio-psycho-social-ethnic health model. This may be investigated by the "gathering" of behavior in the whole system of native psychology. The main role plays human, not-religious spirituality. It is important in health care and it is a condition and characteristic of personal development.

Key words: health, spirituality, personality, bio-psycho-social-ethnic health model, behavior.




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