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Problem supporting psychological health of helping professions members

Kotova S.A. (St. Petersburg)



Kotova S.A.

Kotova Svetlana Arkadyevna

Candidate of psychology, professor in Russian State Pedagogical University A.I. Hertzen.

E-mail: sa-kotova@yandex.ru


Abstract. Loss risks of specialists' health working in the "Person to Person" system are disclosed. Psycho-physiological and psychical mechanisms destroying emotional and eventful social environment conditions are determined. Results of complex psychological study of 230 female teachers are described. Loss markers of psychical health at the different individual and personality structure levels are revealed. The problem in searching of special professional training forms ensuring prolonged health and working efficiency maintenance is determined.

Key words: psychological health, helping professions, professional deformation, psycho-physiologic marks, strategy of behavior.




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