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Modern Russian Youths' Sexual Culture

Rogacheva T.V., Malicova N.N., Zakharov M.A. (Ekaterinburg)



Rogacheva T.V.

Rogacheva Tatiana Vladimirovna

Doctor of psychology, candidate of philosophy, professor of Ural State Medical Academy, certified specialist in the field of Gestalt psychology.

E-mail: TVRog@yandex.ru

Malicova N.N.

Malicova Natalia Nikolaevna

Candidate of philosophy, professor, general manager of the Social Technology Centre "Optima".

E-mail: malicovann@gmail.ru

Zakharov M.A.

Zakharov Mikhail Anatolyevich

Candidate of medicine, professor and chair of the skin and venereal diseases the Ural State Medical Academy.

E-mail: odoev-58@mail.ru


Abstract. The main components of modern Russian youths' sexual culture are disclosed. These include a decrease in the age of sexual debut, social and moral premarital sex acceptance and decreased motivational and behavioral differences between teenagers. There is a comparative sexual behavior modern youth analysis with the results of social studies in the 1920s, 1960s and 1970s. An intensification of the risky sexual practices of modern youth is emphasized. Modern sexual culture is revealed to be forming spontaneously.

Key words: sexual culture, real sexual behavior, sexual attitudes, sexual risks.




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