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Use of psycho-constitutional approachs in psychotherapeutic practice
for the rehabilitation of alcoholics.

Borokhov B.D. (Jerusalem, Israel), Borokhov A.D. (Ramat Gan, Israel)



Borokhov B.D.

Borokhov Boris Davidovich

Expert in the development of sport and playing rehabilitation for those with physical and intellectual developmental challenges, head of Sports and Fitness Complex "Sela" (Ierasulem, Israel).

E-mail: borisdo69@mail.ru

Borokhov A.D.

Borokhov Alexander Davidovich

Experienced psychiatrist-narcologist, head of the rehabilitation complex for juveniles — "Most" (1990), chief of mental health service of the hospital "Kiriat Shlomo" (Ramat Gan, Israel).

E-mail: adsamuray@gmail.com


Abstract. Patients of hypersthenes constitution with alcohol abusing have more successful rehabilitation and re-socialization. It was revealed in our analysis of patient's medical documents. Patients with asthenic constitution had more frequent "alcohol break off". It is connect with absence of positive reaction on their "achievements" and with psycho-emotional tension. Normosthenic patients were the most difficult for the therapy because of their motivational rigidity. Authors improved that the theory about constitutional types and temperament can help in individual approach to the patient and choose the methods of correction and psychotherapy.

Key words: needs, quazi-needs by K. Levin, alcohol addiction, constitutional-typological approach, psychotherapy, rehabilitation of petients with alcoholism.




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