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Validization of projective drawings: expert system analysis

Zoltan Vass (Budapest, Hungary)



Z. Vass

Zoltan Vass

Associated Professor of Psychology, Director of the Visual Expression Psychology Faculty, Psychology Institute, Karol Gaspar University.

Address: Budapest, H-1037, Bécsi út 324. V. ép

E-mail: dr.vass.zoltan@gmail.com


Abstract. The study aims is to submit expert system analysis to be validated by ESPD (Vass 2006, 2012). The study comprises all 266 participants picked out by accidental case from different workplaces and mental hospitals. Those tested were divided into 3 groups: (a) — well adapted adults and teenagers (n=117), (b) — patients with neuroses (n=91) and (c) — patients with mental diseases (n=57). Their projective drawings were analyzed by the ESPD program. Configuration significance was compared in all three groups. ANOVA was calculated to compare the results of each group (a), (b) and (c). For significant variables configuration is compared in pairs by means of the Scheffe-Method. Except all casual combinations 72 from 163 configurations were revealed. There were differential significant (all p<0,05) among major nosologic groups of mentally healthy people, patients with neuroses and patients with psychosis symptoms. Almost all from 72 significant configurations revealed expected difference. It's shown by results configurations are verisimilar (probable) and correspond with our general psychopathology knowledge.

Key words: psychometric validity, configuration, healthy adults, neurosis, mental disease, projective drawings.




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