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Art-therapy scales of formal elements:
Russian standartization and experience of its clinical use

Kopytin A.I., Svistovskaya E.E. (St. Petersburg)



Kopytin A.I.

Kopytin Alexander Ivanovich

Doctor of medicine; associate professor the Chair of Psychology at the St. Petersburg postgraduate pedagogical education academy and the Chair of Psychotherapy at the I.I. Mechnikov Northwest State Medical University.

E-mail: alkopytin@rambler.ru

Svistovskaya E.E.

Svistovskaya Elena Evgenyevna

Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist the Central District Clinic in Kirovsk town Leningrad region.

E-mail: elesvis@rambler.ru


Abstract. A new art-therapeutic psycho-diagnostic method is cited in this article. Art-therapeutic formal elements scales are used in combination with test drawing person picked up an apple from a tree. This method was devised by the American art-therapists L. Gantt and C. Tabone on the basis of testing formal drawing signs complex. The method's creation history, testing procedure and estimated results are described. Its usage in different age and clinical groups data are cited.

Key words: mental disorders, psycho-diagnostics, formal, art-therapeutic.




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