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The resonance approach usage in consulting and psychotherapy

Petrushin S.V. (Kazan)



Petrushin S.V.

Petrushin Sergey Vladimirovich

Doctor of psychology in Psychology and Pedagogic Institute of Kazan Federal University.

E-mail: spv2003@inbox.ru

Web-site: petrushin.ru


Abstract. A new original approach in psychological consulting is considered in this article. It is integrative and includes elements of practical psychology and psychotherapy methods. This approach's feature is a particular relationship building in consultancy process between psychologist and client, which is called as a resonance relationship. Its description accent is made on usage of emotional-sensory consultant sphere as the main diagnostic and aids "tool". A consulting accuracy and speed is increased consequently such approach, also consultant energy costs are decreased.

Key words: psychotherapy, consulting, informational field, "hyper personality", state of mind, resonance, relationships, empathy, dialogue, subjective reality.




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