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Children with neurosis-like disorders and emotional sphere neuroses:
the role of domestic environment

Veyts A.E. (Sumgait, Azerbaijan)



Veyts A.E.

Veyts Alina Emilyevna

Child psycho-neurologist at the Sumgait Municipal Psycho-Neurological Clinic.

E-mail: veyts@mail.ru


Abstract. There is a comparative characteristic in this article. It examines paternal relationship and family upbringing types in families with children having neuroses and neurosis-like disorders, which is conditional on the inherent pathology of CNS. There is the family environment role in forming of personality structure, types of frustration response and child conflicts, relationship specificity to social surroundings and protective behavior by each tested group of children. The emotional disorders featured in children from each group depending on paternal attitude's form and types' parental upbringings were estimated.

Key words: children neuroses, neurosis-like disorders, emotional disorders, types of family upbringing, types of parental relationship.




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