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Psychological first aid in preclinical practice

Agazade N. (Azerbaijan, Baku)



Agazade N.

Agazade Nazim

–  psychiatrist, psychotherapist, doctor of medicine, professor, Regional Counsellor of stress prophylaxis in Pacific and Asian Region in Defense Department of UN, New-York, USA, now is a pensioner, psychiatrist and psychotherapist.

E-mail: nazimagazade@yahoo.com


Abstract. The article considered prevention in first psychological aid and its components. The first psychological aid is a complex of methods which differ from psychotherapy. The author analyzes the last proclamation of WOM about first psychological aid and shows some serious technical disparities. For example, it is inadmissible to compare first psychological aid with debriefing because they use for different groups. First psychological aid treatment may be compulsory because man can't control behavior and may be dangerous for him-self and for another people. Preclinical cases show the role of first psychological aid in mental functioning restore.

Key words: first psychological aid, emergency situation, mental trauma, psychological support.




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