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P.I. Karpov

ISSN 2219-8245

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The history of medical psychology


Gavrilov V.V. (Yaroslavl)

Pavel Ivanovich Karpov is a tireless researcher of works relating to mentally disturbed persons and his time… Report 1


Actual problems of medical psychology


Zalevsky G.V. (Tomsk)

Anthropos — "person turned to high into the air" (integral-value paradigm in the context of anthropological psychology)


Kotova S.A. (St. Petersburg)

Problem supporting psychological health of helping professions members


Rogacheva T.V., Malicova N.N., Zakharov M.A. (Ekaterinburg)

Modern Russian Youths' Sexual Culture


Psychiatry and narcology


Borokhov B.D. (Jerusalem, Israel), Borokhov A.D. (Ramat Gan, Israel)

Use of psycho-constitutional approachs in psychotherapeutic practice for the rehabilitation of alcoholics


Medical psychodiagnostics


Zoltan Vass
(Budapest, Hungary)

Validization of projective drawings: expert system analysis


Kopytin A.I., Svistovskaya E.E. (St. Petersburg)

Art-therapy scales of formal elements: Russian standartization and experience of its clinical use


Psychotherapy and social rehabilitation


Karaush I.S., Kupriyanova I.E. (Tomsk)

Colour preference features in adaptive protective styles of patients with early neurotic disorders forms


Petrushin S.V. (Kazan)

The resonance approach usage in consulting and psychotherapy


Popenko N.V., Loginova I.O., Cherdantsev D.V. (Krasnoyarsk)

Psychotherapeutic influence potential over chronic obliterating lower extremities artery diseases patients' medical-psychological support


Medical psychology in somatic clinic


Delaryu V.V., Yudin S.A., Borzenko A.S. (Volgograd)

Psychological/ psychotherapeutic rendering assistance to T.B. patients (according to the sociological study)


Applied investigations in medical psychology


Sirota N.A., Yaltonsky V.M., Moskovchenko D.V. (Moscow)

Players' cognitive sphere characteristic in multiuser online-simulation games with varying degree of Internet dependent behavior


Vinokur V.A. (St. Petersburg), Agapova E.V. (Volgograd)

Affective disorders and self-appraisal of health by office employees experiencing professional exhaustion or distress


Social medical psychology


Veyts A.E.
(Sumgait, Azerbaijan)

Children with neurosis-like disorders and emotional sphere neuroses: the role of domestic environment


Kazennykh T.V. (Tomsk)

Epilepsy patients' family contexts: organizing and rehabilitation models


In the information part of the issue presented:

Obituary, dedicated to Boris Viniaminovich Iovlev. He was a candidate of medical sciences, worker of Scientific Institute of V.M. Bekhterev (St. Petersburg).

Lection-presentation for doctors:

Semke V.I. (Tomsk). Scientific organizing directions of psychiatrical aids improvements for the population in Siberia.

Semke Valentin Iakovlevich is a professor, doctor of medicine, academic at the Russian Academy of Medical Science, Russian Honoured Science Worker, General Manager of the Psychical Health Research Institute of Russian Academy of Medical Sciences.




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