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Diagnostic and existential therapy of suicide behavior

Borisov I.V., Ljubov E.B. (Moscow)



Borisov I.V.

Borisov Igor Vladimirovich

–  is a candidate of medical sciences, assistant worker of suicidology department of Moscow Scientific Institute of Psychiatry.

E-mail: ibor-v@yandex.ru

Ljubov E.B.

Lyubov Evgeny Borisovich

–  is a doctor of medicine, professor, chief of suicidology department of Moscow Scientific Institute of Psychiatry.

E-mail: lyubov.evgeny@mail.ru


Abstract. The problem urgency is connected with world tendencies: presence so-called "latent rhythms" auto-aggressive behavior and frequency of suicide attempts in the most vulnerable groups. In article highlighted A.G.Ambrumova's role and suicidological school of the Moscow research institute of psychiatry in development of integrative approach to suicide behaviorism. Various definitions of the phenomenon "hardiness", its resource value for therapy of crisis conditions are investigated. We analyzed the existential aspects of development of suicide crises. On the basis of the domestic and foreign data (Leontev D.A., Larichev V.P., Maddi S., Frankl V., Langle A. etc) "hardiness" and aspiration to sense can be investigated as variants of constructive adaptation. Value which earlier diagnostics predispositional factors of pre-suicide phase had probably proved. We offer structure of such psycho-diagnostic tool. Further experience of construction of the psychotherapeutic model based on concepts is considered: early preventive maintenance, actualization of personal "hardiness" and logo-therapeutic (existential-analytical) motivation. The purposes of the psychotherapeutic module, its principles and possible practical stages are formulated, clinical examples are resulted.

Key words: suicide behavior, diagnostics of pre-suicide phase, hardiness, the existential analysis, logo-therapy.




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