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Alcoholic patients with suicidal behavior alcohol craving features

Bisaliev R.V., Fursi L.F. (Astrakhan)



Bisaliev R.V.

Bisaliev Raphael Valeryevich

–  is a doctor of medicine, chief of the psychology department in Astrakhan State technical university.

E-mail: RafaelBisaliev@gmail.com

Fursi L.F.

Fursi Leila

–  is a candidate of psychological sciences, lecturer of psychology department in Astrakhan State technical university.

E-mail: fursi@inbox.ru


Abstract. The main objective of the study is a description of the clinical features of the syndrome of craving for alcohol in patients with suicidal behavior. The study involved 111 patients with alcoholism, and then divided into two groups. The first (main) group are patients with alcoholism to suicidal behavior (40 man-age, of whom 18 (45.0%) males and 22 (55.0%) female), the second group (comparison) — alcoholics without suicidal behavior (71 people, including 58 men (81.7%) and, respectively, 13 women (18.3%)). Found that the craving for alcohol in alcoholic patients with suicidal behavior represented by the following components: affective, vegetative, figurative and behavioral. Most important components in descending order as follows: affective, then behavioral, autonomic and figurative. The data can be used not only to objectify clinical signs of craving, but to predict the development suicide states in patients with alcoholism.

Key words: psychiatry, drug and alcohol abuse, alcoholism, and suicidal behavior, craving for alcohol, alcoholic patients.




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