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The attitude to death: it is a problem after suicide attempt

Chistopolskaya K.A., Enikolopov S.N. (Moscow)



Chistopolskaya K.A.

Chistopolskaya Ksenia Anatolyevna

–  is an assistant worker of Moscow Scientific Institute of Psychiatry.

E-mail: ktchist@gmail.com

Enikolopov S.N.

Enikolopov Sergey Nikolaevich

–  is a candidate of psychological sciences, chief of medical psychology department in Scientific Center of mental health RAMS.

E-mail: enikolopov@mail.ru


Abstract. The article deals with the problem of study of death attitudes in people in the state of relative well-being (n = 156) and after a suicide attempt (n = 185). It is shown that different groups of patients in post-suicidal state: with denial of attempt (n = 43), with one (n = 105) and several suicide attempts (n = 37) bear different attitudes toward this event and develop different defenses against the fears of death, which should be considered in psychological correction work with this patient population.

Key words: terror management theory, meaning management theory, death attitudes, fears of death, suicide attempt, post-suicidal states, nostalgia, self-esteem, hardiness.




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