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Types of internal picture of the disease and suicidal activity
of cancer patients

Zotov P.B. (Р В РЎС›yumen)



Zotov P.B.

Zotov Pavel Borisovich

–  is a professor, doctor of medicine in Tjumen State medical academy.

E-mail: sibir@sibtel.ru


Abstract. The study of the internal picture of the disease (IPD) is an important element of psycho-therapeutically work with the patient. The paper presents an original feature five of the individual types of IPD, "divine", "mystic", "biomechanical", "autologous" and undifferentiated (mosaic). A group of cancer patients showed to communicate with the non-adaptive version of the IPD suicidal activity. It is concluded that this approach could be used to develop an individual program of psychological care of patients with suicidal behavior.

Key words: internal picture of the disease, suicidal behavior, oncology.




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