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Social and economic burden associated with suicide mortality in Russia

Lyubov E.B., Morev M.V. (Moscow), Falaleeva O.I. (Vologda)



Lyubov E.B.

Lyubov Evgeny Borisovich

–  is a doctor of medicine, professor, chief of suicidology department of Moscow Scientific Institute of Psychiatry.

E-mail: lyubov.evgeny@mail.ru

Morev M.V.

Morev Mikhail Vladimirovich

–  is a candidate of economic sciences, assistant worker of Institute of social-economic regions development RAS.

E-mail: 379post@mail.ru

Falaleeva O.I.

Falaleeva Olga Igorevna

–   is a chief of Regional Psychiatric hospital in Vologda.

E-mail: kuvshinovo-vopb@yandex.ru


Abstract. The magnitude of socioeconomic burden of premature death from suicides of Russian residents before age 55 (for women) and 60 (for men) in 2009 and for the specific groups of youth and young adults were assessed using the years-of-life-lost (YLL) method. The total of YLL was 723 per 100.000 populations (89% for men) or 0.46 GDP. The high burden is particularly notable in the 15-29 age groups (i.e., 1008 per 100.000 age specific population) where up to 30% of the total YLL are due to suicide. Suicide ranks first as a burden of external death among youth. The total cost of suicidal mortality was estimated 145,788 milliard rub. (2009) or 4,6 milliard. USD (0.46% GDP). So we can assume cost-saving effect of national or regional suicide prevention programs.

Key words: suicide, socioР В Р’Вµconomic burden, risk groups regional differences, value of human life.




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