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Population of Ust-Ordynsky Buryat Region: suicidal behavior and its clinical, socio-demographic and ethno-cultural peculiars

Vorsina O.P. (Irkutsk)



Vorsina O.P.

Vorsina Olga Petrovna

–  is a doctor of medicine, vice-chief of Irkutsk Regional psychiatry hospital в„– 1; Irkutsk State medical academy of postgraduate education.

E-mail: ovorsina@mail.ru


Abstract. The present study analyzes the suicide situation in six rural areas of the Ust-Ordinsk Buryat district. It was found that suicide rates of completed suicides are revealed. It was found that suicide rates among indigenous people exceeded the similar indicator for the Slavs by a factor of 1,2-1,4. The parity of the completed and uncompleted suicides has made 1:1,7-1:2,1. The highest number of suicides occurred among Buryat males and also among persons aged 20-29 years. The largest number of conflicts in persons of both ethnic groups having completed suicides and having attempted suicides fell on personal-family area (p<0,001). In persons of Buryat nationality with completed suicides, category of personality meaning as refusal of life (p<0,05) was found more often, and with suicidal attempts — refusal of life and avoidance of punishment (p<0,05), i.e. In Buryats more often than in Slavs non-aggressive forms of motivations are found what may be explained by national traits inherent in peoples of Mongol and Tungus-Manchurian groups. Length of pre-suicidal period did not differ in compared groups; most often pre-suicide lasted from several hours till several days. Obtained data should be taken into account during carrying out of suicidological prevention directed at improvement of suicidal situation in the Region. The extremely high rates of completed suicides are revealed. The data obtained reflect the ethno-cultural traits which must necessarily be accounted for in organizing suicide preventive intervention in the district.

Key words: pre-suicide, the completed suicides, suicide attempts, ethno-cultural peculiarities, popularity, motivation.




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