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Ethical problems of psychogenetic research: challenge of new time

Gutkevich E.V. (Tomsk)



Gutkevich E.V.

Gutkevich Elena Vladimirovna

–  is a doctor of medicine, scientific assistant of Scientific Research Institute of mental health, chief of family genetic and adaptation center, chief of Local Ethic Committee.



Abstract. In presentation, basic ethical positions of research in the field of mental and psychological health, medical and psychological-correcting care, and peculiarities of carrying out of genetic research are described. Novel data about application of innovative psychogenetic technologies, relevant trends and problems of bioethics have been presented. Under current conditions of development of the society, medicine, psychology and science, rendering of medical including psychological-correcting care, carrying out of biomedical and various psychological investigations including psychogenetic, clinical trials of drugs make relevant the problem of safety of life and health of the individual. Borders between treatment (medical practice, medication) and research are, first, impact which solely aim is improvement of health or prevention of disease in specific patient with rational odds of success, and research is activity, called to test the hypothesis, draw conclusions and thus to develop and contribute to able to be summarized knowledge. Thereby three principles are observed: scientific validity, ratio of benefit and risk, informed consent. Local ethical committee at FSBI "MHRI" SB RAMSci (Chairperson Gutkevich E. V.) works since 2003, ruling ethical correspondence between aims and results of clinical, psychological, biological (genetic, molecular-biological, immunological) and other investigations of mental disorders, interests and rights of the patient and members of his/her family, interests and rights of the society as a whole. Expertise of research projects and investigations with involvement into participation both of patients and healthy persons (and their relatives) is carried out according to international ethical and medico-economic standards, norms of existing in RF legislation.

Key words: Bioethics, psycho-genetics, ethical expertise of research projects, principles of clinical investigations.





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