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Adolescents with cardiovascular disease: coping-competence and
psycho-somatic risk

Trifonova E.A., Chernoray A.V., Pashchenko E.V. (St. Petersburg)



Trifonova E.A.

Trifonova Elena Alexandrovna

–  is a candidate of psychological sciences, lecturer of clinic psychology department in Russian State pedagogic institute of A.I. Ghertzen, scientific worker of psychodiagnostic and clinic psychology laboratory in Scientific Institute of V.M. Bekhterev.


Chernoray A.V.

Chernoray Anna Vladimirovna

–  is a chief of laboratory "Psychology of Health" in Russian State pedagogic institute of A.I. Ghertzen.


Paschenko E.V.

Pashchenko Ekaterina Vasilyevna

–  is a student in Russian State pedagogic institute of A.I. Ghertzen.



Abstract. We investigated possible influence of coping-competence on recurrence risk, personal reaction to the disease and medical outcomes in young and middle-aged men after cardiac emergencies. Subject and methods. 42 patients aged 32—60 years were examined twice — during inpatient treatment and 1,5—3 months after discharge. Structured interview and questionnaires were used. Results. Low coping-competence (reduced ability and readiness to correctly assess stressors and choose coping strategies, adequate to the stressor) was predictive of underestimation of the seriousness of the disease during inpatient treatment, and non-adherence to treatment and deterioration of somatic status at the follow-up evaluation.

Key words: coping, coping-competence, stress, attitude towards disease, psychological adaptation, personality, cardiovascular disease, psychosomatic risk.





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