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Harassment at the workplace and its consequences:
mental health problems and suicide tendencies

Agazade N. (Azerbaijan, Baku)



Agazade N.

Agazade Nazim

–  psychiatrist, psychotherapist, doctor of medicine, professor, Regional Counsellor of stress prophylaxis in Pacific and Asian Region in Defense Department of UN, New-York, USA, now is a pensioner, psychiatrist and psychotherapist.



Abstract. The paper elaborates on harassment in the workplace resulting sin mental health problems with suicidal experiences, including suicidal attempts. Various signposts of harassment are described, and the original harassment assessment tool is proposed. Common challenges in identifying and managing mental health consequences of harassment are described. Focus is made on specific mechanisms of suicidal behavior among harassed employees. The comprehensive management of these cases requires treatment of clinical symptoms, prevention of suicidal behavior, and resolving harassment in the workplace as the main source of the problem. The paper is concluded with recommendations on dealing with harassment at individual, team and organizational levels.

Key words: harassment, mental health problems, workplace, organizational psychology, suicidal behavior.





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