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The history of medical psychology


Tvorogova N.D. (Moscow)

Dedication to 85-anniversary of professor Y.M. Orlov


Actual problems of medical psychology


Bondarenko A.F., Korolyuk T.I.
(Kiev, Ukraine)

Russian and American psychotherapeutic discourse: the Intent analysis


Gutkevich E.V. (Tomsk)

Ethical problems of psychogenetic research: challenge of new time


Psychiatry and narcology


Kolpakov Y.V., Yaltonsky V.M. (Moscow)

Rumination phenomenon in the structure of youth anxiety-depression experience


Psychotherapy and social rehabilitation


Petrushin S.V. (Kazan)

The differentiation method and its employment in family consultancy


Medical psychology in somatic clinic


Grekhov R.A., Kharchenko S.A., Suleymanova G.P., Latyshova P.V., Lyashchenko M.A. (Volgograd)

Rheumatoid arthritis and its psychological aspects (literature review)


Trifonova E.A., Chernoray A.V., Pashchenko E.V. (St. Petersburg)

Adolescents with cardiovascular disease: coping-competence and psycho-somatic risk


Uzlov N.D., Gabdrakhmanova N.N.
(Berezniki, Perm Region)

Patients with tuberculosis of lungs with anosognosia: coping-behavior and protective mechanisms of personality


Applied investigations in medical psychology


Agazade N.
(Azerbaijan, Baku)

Harassment at the workplace and its consequences: mental health problems and suicide tendencies


Sidorkina T.Y.

Children with poor health end their adaptation to pre-school education


Social medical psychology


Valuyskaya L.A., Stoyanova I.I.

Cooperation of parents and children: a factor of family mental health


Psychology and pedagogics in professional education of medical personnel


Bokhan T.G., Alexeeva L.F., Shabalovskaya M.V., Moreva S.A. (Tomsk)

Identity — is an index of professional and personal development of students, who study therapy


Vishnyakova N.N., Loginova I.O., Kaskaeva D.S. (Krasnoyarsk)

Different dispensary groups and its accounting representatives


In the information part of the issue presented:

Reviews on books:

Morogin V.G. (Abakan) Review on the second book for students "Clinical psychology" of A.B. Kholmogorova;

Yuryeva L.N. (Dnepropetrovsk) Review on the monograph E.L. Nikolaev, Y.V. Ignatyev, M.M. Mukhamadiev "Mental health in the Eurasia: clinical, psychological and social reality"

Scientific report of conference:

Babin S.M., Sluchevskaya S.F. (St. Petersburg) Brief review of Russian scientific-practice conference "Population mental health as a base of national safety". Kazan, 13-15.09.2012.

Lections for doctors:

Cherepkova E.V. (Novosibirsk), Gurevich K.G. (Moscow), Schastnyy E.D. (Tomsk), Antonov A.R. (Novosibirsk) "New class of psychoactive substances — threat for people mental health";

Vinokur V.A. (St. Petersburg) "Michael Balint: the history of Balint groups appearance and International Balint movement".

Burno M.E., Kalmykova I.Y. (Moscow) "Two lessons of therapy by self-expression (M.E. Burno). Materials for practice work with patients and people with mental problems".




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